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Even in absurdity, sacrament.
Even in hardship, holiness.
Even in doubt,
Even in chaos,
Even in paradox,

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Sun 19 Jul 15

Same blog, new blog

This blog has at times surged, and at times sputtered, since its inception in February of 2003. My life has taken crazy turns, like the maze in "The Shining" (I know, not in the book, but Kubrick before King) since those early days. I've now started a new blog- Point Be- kind of relative to my life changes lately. But I refuse to abandon the ol' standby. Here's some recent posts from Point Be:

  • Introduction: Bellringer
  • Testing Being Tested
  • Reality Bites
  • Thirty Nine Feels

    Do check 'em out, kick the tires, and subscribe if so inclined. Thankee muchly!

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  • Tue 21 Apr 15


    Verdancy, the rush of the wings beating calls me to bright green urgency
    Every minute that passes is in labor with Now, screaming clutching birthing unearthing
    Possibilities torrent one after the other, call it music, call it water, call it what you really ought to,
    Pummel harder and harder with the calling of the season, to wake the fuck up holiness
    No dream when the mountains push new colors up, that’s the movement.
    And you lay sleeping, time digs trails across your face as you ask
    Like always “Am I alive?” You’re not if you have to question
    And if you are looking for an answer just touch the green
    And wake the fuck up holiness so words disappear
    Mirrors break- clocks make up new numbers-
    Such is the revelation of a morning when
    It’s not you who arises from sleep but
    The you born in that crazy Now
    All pain and joy dissolved into
    A single breath, the opening
    Of the blossom, the husk
    Shed, holiness once here
    Requires nothing more
    Than your attention
    Rapt- snapped- apt
    For it to take
    Your place
    In all this

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    Sun 12 Apr 15

    Chatting up the Universe

    Me (to Universe): Oh, you guys!
    The Universe: What?
    Me: You're just being so dang awesome.
    The Universe: Um, always have been.
    Me: I totally get that, but you're being just so awesome-awesome.
    The Universe: What a qualifier. Okay. Thanks. You're trying to say things are working out for you?
    Me: Yeah, you're rocking it.
    The Universe: Nope. It's been working out for you this whole time. You just upgraded to the "Accepting The Whole Kit And Kaboodle" package deal.
    Me: I don't remember upgrading.
    The Universe: End User License Agreement, dude. If you accept the whole thing, the whole thing accepts you. Capiche? You clicked "I accept-" so there you go.
    Me: Um, thanks?
    The Universe: Thank the guys in Investor Relations. Always looking for a buy in for stubborn customers- I mean- Beings, like yourself. Gotta run, someone needs a little romance.
    Me: Whoa hey, what about me? Isn't that in the fine print too?
    The Universe: We still have to fulfill chance here and there. If you're so blissed out, you make that happen for yourself. Part of the package deal. Package. Get it? LOLz
    Me: Well dang. Jai guru deva.

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    Sun 12 Apr 15

    Felicity and I reanimate long stowed witchy marionette

    Relic of my childhood forgotten in the garage until now terrifying #marionette .

    A video posted by Felicity Green (@flissvert) on

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    Tue 03 Mar 15

    The Way An Atom Knows

    Poet's Block is a subtype of the diagnosis Writer's Block. It's a qualitative thing. While the blocks break similarly, through some existential circumstance, Poet's Block usually reverses by having a condition of mediocrity slapped the shit out of it by Reality (or local variants).

    Oh, Universe, you and I apparently have tall orders of each other,
    stepping into ourselves like this.
    I can’t imagine the things on your to-do list, and yet my necessities to complete
    not only known to you, they are the ever-doing you.
    Yes I have facts and figures to consider, hearts and souls, compatriots and perceptions
    which weigh in those brass scales to which we ascribe decision.
    To You, any of this is just orbit, just an orrery spinning eternal on the mantle of a vast library window
    and palpitations over human desires are just turns of the arc, a cast shadow
    that knows years the way an atom knows oceans- we are each other yet you will master me.
    Daily, I agree to an illusion and become subdivided by “time,” and the obligations I sign in invisible ink.
    We look at ourselves in mirrors and agree to the lie that the reflection is us, yet know in true
    the obverse is the one staring back, an otherness we practice speeches with
    yet the gravity of each yes and no we utter ill compares to the vastness of cold infertility of true dark;
    nor the fecund yes of billion year star-sex, giving nubile planets a first spin.
    No artifice here; this is just a cluttered house with cats and a lone man clutching at portent
    and promises, trying to catch nebula on his tongue and find
    the checkmark in his DNA that says “you've done well enough- the Earth is spinning-
    is that not reason enough for you
    to know our work is done by losing the bullshit, so we can dance together?”

    The Least Expected Always Leaves The Most Behind

    A photo posted by jay joslin (@moonbird) on

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    Wed 04 Feb 15

    A whirlwind's a comin' - a sampler platter

    (And, a quiet 12th birthday to one of Asheville's longest running- if spottily maintained- blogs! Yesterday marked 2003-2015).

    Screenshot 2015-02-04 19.24.38.png

    Yay, chia seeds in dreamland

    A video posted by jay joslin (@moonbird) on

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    Wed 28 Jan 15

    Cars- what did I do to you in a past life? Demolition derby driver?

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    Mon 26 Jan 15

    Emissions from the little white box

    Wall St, #Asheville

    A photo posted by jay joslin (@moonbird) on

    Underneath the transactions #circuitboard #lcd

    A photo posted by jay joslin (@moonbird) on

    October in three boxes, a traditional Friendistani celebration rite or Robin's birthday! #catsofinstagram

    A photo posted by jay joslin (@moonbird) on

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    Wed 21 Jan 15


    Vanessa braided & beaded my goatee today.

    A photo posted by jay joslin (@moonbird) on

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    Tue 20 Jan 15

    Robot Politicians

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    Tue 20 Jan 15

    Testing Storify/Instagram Embed

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    Tue 20 Jan 15

    Testing Facebook Embed

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    Tue 20 Jan 15

    Testing Storify/Twitter Embed Again

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    "Aut Viam Inveniam, Aut Faciam." - Seneca